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Barnswallow, a raptor rehabilitation and public education center, is situated in a peaceful, country setting next to an Illinois nature preserve outside Wauconda, Illinois. Operated by Linda Breuer and a largely volunteer staff, Barnswallow is home to numerous owls, hawks and other raptors who have been injured or abused by some type of human interaction, whether being hit by a vehicle or illegally captured by some witless person. Some of the hawks and owls at Barnswallow act as foster parents to orphaned nestlings, but most are ambassadors of their species, appearing at programs and events throughout the year, helping Linda teach the public about raptor rehabilitation and conservation.

Many species of butterflies have found not only shelter but a dazzling array of flowers and patches of milkweed to feed upon at Barnswallow. The immaculate grounds are a visual pleasure and only heighten one's anticipation of being close to, and learning about, the resident raptors.
While Linda's knowledge helps educate humans in various communities is a wonderful experience, a trip to Barnswallow truly ties everything together—Linda's devotion to these creatures, the closeness with Nature, and the birds themselves.


A photo of the residence and operating facility at Barnswallow
The residence and operating facility at Barnswallow are built around a 100 (?) year-old (haunted?) barn


A photo of the grounds at Barnswallow
A view of the grounds with some of the outbuildings for the resident birds in the background. Though quite large, many of the buildings house only one bird.


A photo of an out building at Barnswallow where one or more raptors may be kept.
A closer view of housing for one raptor.


Another view of Barnswallow
Another view of the residence


A photo of some gorgeous flowers at Barnswallow
The property has numerous flowerbeds
and patches of milkweed


A photo of two more out buildings at Barnswallow
Two more out buildings. Visible is a partial view of a flight building on the right. The walls of the building are PVC pipe which provides excellent landing places for juvenile owls, as they learn to fly.



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